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Export Marketing is one of the most crucial stages in the export management process. In fact, many a times Export Management is referred to as Export Marketing. It is not just a process to find buyers/importers and approach them with the expectation of export orders but a well-planned strategic marketing process that one needs to follow and perform well to get success in International Market. It refers to the marketing of goods and services beyond the national boundaries and is a major undertaking that requires complete due diligence to maximize chances of success and mitigate risks. The strategic marketing action plan is one significant step towards it and is a set of key functional areas of export marketing which can be followed step by step for a business to get a rapid success in export marketing with sustainable and profitable export sales growth.


Export marketing is a highly specialized activity requiring continuous organizational support at different stages from choosing or selection of products, identification of overseas markets and customers, selling techniques and channelization of incentives, assistances and facilities granted against exports. Breaking into a new business sector can become a struggle if a business does not use proper marketing research and analysis before beginning to work with other countries. Connecting India Globally helps here by providing inclusive solutions to help ensure a business’s expansion and its exports. Our team of qualified consultants has the requisite experience in marketing and analysis to help businesses with export market sales analysis and business matchmaking. We work in conjunction with business owners to ascertain answers to the three critical questions for any successful export strategy:

  • Are you equipped for international growth?
  • Where should you focus your efforts?
  • What is your entry strategy?
  • What your competitors are doing?
  • What your existing customers really value
  • What changes are coming in your market place?

Connecting India Globally is fully capable of providing sales and marketing expertise in a systematic manner to emerging global companies in their quest to bring quality products and services to the market. The targeted services that we provide in pursuance of a firm’s export objectives include but are not limited to:

Identifying the target markets by conducting international market research activity that will give the firm a detailed knowledge of opportunities in international market and help maximize its market potential. We resort to producing tailor-made market research and market feasibility reports. Methods used vary from project to project based specific requirements and include: Desk Research, In-Depth Interview, Phone/F2F Interviews (CATI/PAPO, CAPI), Online Surveys (CAWI), Mystery Shopping, Store Checks, Drawing up research proposals, Designing studies and questionnaires etc.

Market Visit Services

Connecting India Globally can also assist businesses in representation in trade shows, organizing itineraries and other on-the-ground support to clients. All these services above are inter-connected and can only give results if each step performed or is performing well. Connecting India Globally is a specialized marketing consultancy with prior experience in the export industry and is in an ideal position to ensure this. As export marketing is a continuous process and all those key functions need to be reviewed and modified from time to time as per changing global economic and market situation. Therefore, constant market intelligence from a credible source is indispensable to developing a successful international business strategy. Connecting India Globally already working in this industry keep on reviewing the changing export market and world economic situation and are able to strategize their clients’ export plans accordingly.

Promotion to create awareness among buyer/importers of what the business is and what it offers. Connecting India Globally has the requisite experience to formulate a promotional mix which is cost-effective and still manages to deliver the right message, in right time and at right place. It ensures that the promotion lead buyers/importers to get attention, capture interest and initiate communications. Presence on internet, participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and catalogue shows and everything else that can generate a direct and live contact with the buyers/importers is taken care of by Connecting India Globally

Generating Export Enquiries Success in export marketing begins with generating genuine export inquiries from prospective buyers/importers, which requires expertise and focused work of promotion, sourcing genuine buyers and approaching them professionally. It’s up to a marketer to market the business’s competitive advantage to prospective buyers to get them interested to send in inquiries which can be converted into export orders by communicating and negotiating professionally.

Pre-port Analytics. A customized service to help businesses design their export strategy analyzing the market environment, routes to the market, possible barriers, market regulations, customs fees, licenses and other factors that would be important to know before they start exporting their products.