ADVERTISEMENT Free Advertisement on only one site of that particular promoting site Get Advertised in a number of sites of your choice across the Globe
Email/SMS Alerts Random Email/SMS Alerts only based on your query or business registration, further charges for purchase of the lead without any guarantee of conversion Email/SMS alert based on your business registration along with the contact details of the buyer without any additional charges enhancing the chances of conversion
Business Development Program No A comprehensive BDP developed by some of the Industry Experts after thorough research of the existing market scenario based on your business category
Brand Positioning Yes, but you have to purchase Banner Advertisement for promotion of your business. The cost of banner advertisement vary from 4500-400000 depending on the position of the advertisement Brand Positioning of your business along with free advertisement in multiple sites of your choices.
Risk Evaluation Report No A comprehensive Risk Evaluation report designed on the basis of current market scenario, the product category and Expert opinion on the exporting.
Due Diligence No Guarantee on the buyer as no background check is conducted, the business is listed only the basis of advertisement and respective charges paid by the advertiser A complete Due Diligence report of the buyer including, the buyer's credit history, trading history, key Interest Areas of business and previous importing statistics
Market Intelligence No Yes, A detailed report prepared on the basis of your industry along with key statistics required for export business. A comprehensive Competitive analysis along with the pricing, delivery mode, time frame and key export markets
Website and Hosting Website in a Sub Domain without Ownership A Dynamic Website of 30 pages with completely design along with the contents and transfer of ownership under your name along with hosting of the site
Focused Leads No A unique concept in the B2B industry by CIG to provide focused leads based on your preferences with a 85% chance of conversion.
Email Marketing Services No A template based Email promoting your business to the target clients filtered according to your preferences
Digital Marketing Services No Yes
New Bulletin Yes Yes
Conversion Assistance Yes, at a very cost for each conversion Guaranteed Conversion. Business negotiation is done by our consultants on the behalf of your business promoting your business and the chances for closures is improved by 75%.
Document Services No Complete documentation starting from acquiring IEC, preparing Invoice, Bill of Lading, Letter of Credit, Packaging List, Terminal handling Receipt, Inspection Report etc.
Trade Show Representation No The first of its kind in the industry, where your business is represented in an International Event by one of your representatives promoting your business and acquiring contacts for your business from across the Globe