Deciding when to go global is a tough call for most of the Indian businesses. However, when you do intend to expand your reach overseas, you do not want to do it without a complete evaluation of where your business stands.

A business is ready for exporting only when it has determined that export fits in its long-term business goal plan. Entering an international market is not easy and needs a lot of work. The foremost important step is to assess the markets that you intend to enter into and research them thoroughly to fit your business needs.

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SWOT analysis is an integral part of the strategic planning stage of the internationalization process. A SWOT analysis acts as a report card for the business and helps to isolate the strengths and weaknesses of an export strategy.

A brand represents who your company is and what it stands for. This includes your name, logo, messaging, merchandise, design and any other feature that identifies your company and its products and service and makes it distinct from others.

Setting up a business in a new foreign location is difficult and is often guided with various challenges and risks. There are new skills to be learned and new knowledge to be acquired. It becomes important to know about new markets, different laws and regulations, different buying habits, etc

The International Business environment has radically changed over the years and so has the lead generation strategies. Lead generation is a process through which the business can generate a steady flow of sales leads and hence produce effective and efficient results.

Trade shows are considered as vital communication technique for all those companies that operate in international markets. They are a huge platform to discover which markets will be lucrative for your business- and to know how to sell yourself to prospective buyers.

Export management refers to the process of conducting the export activity of a business in an orderly, efficient and profitable manner. It involves the systematic study of foreign markets, requirements of foreign buyers, potential marketing opportunities and using all of it tactfully for large-scale exporting


Custom Department is a government-designated authority that implements policies related to export and import, collects custom duties and facilitates the movement of people, goods and cargo into and out of the country. Any organization that is engaged in Exports and Imports would require the service of a Custom clearance officer.